Beam Communications empowers you with the strategy, tools, and resources to ensure that your search ads reach your target audience. We set up your campaign keywords, ads and targeting and continue to test ads and refine your audience for the best results. Search ads are the most effective tool for getting clicks to your website.

– We work in multiple languages.
– We create ad groups for desktop and mobile users.
– We use conversion trackers to make sure that you are spending the amount you need to in order to make a profit.
– We offer regular reports so that you can verify your return on investment (ROI)
– We frequently update your bidding in order to keep you competitive.


How your website is designed, written and coded can dramatically affect its rankings in search engine results. We use keyphrases relevant to your industry, apply landing page development and authority building strategies to optimize your website, increase its visibility with search engines and boost its rankings. Higher rankings, in return, generate more traffic to your website.


We work closely with our clients to setup, monitor and improve Google AdWords and other PPC Campaigns. PPC Advertising refers to the sponsored results that appear above or beside regular search results. Signing up for our PPC / AdWords management service assures that you appear in results for searches on specific keyphrases.


Email advertising are a cost effective means to plan an ad campaign with limited budget and yet yield better ROI.

Email advertising offer dynamic features that are not possible with traditional print admails. Email advertising allows advertisers to link potential clients to their product & services listing through their website and track their clicks, let users download forms and brochures, register for events or view videos all with a click from a sent mail.


Remarketing allows you to reach past website visitors by displaying text ads, banner ads or video to users who have previously visited your website. We create separate ads based on which pages of your site have been visited. This is an especially effective way to reconnect with past users or to create an ad for users who abandoned a shopping cart.


Displaying banner ads on relevant third party websites increases brand awareness. We provide targeted choices for banner ads based on geography, interests, keywords and demographics. Our two most popular networks to use are the Google Display Network and the Market Exchange Network.

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